The Diocese of Juneau encompasses the southeast Alaska panhandle, a narrow strip of North America's mainland, plus the more than 1,000 islands of the Alexander Archipelago. The Diocese is roughly the size and shape of the State of Florida. Our priests serve the smallest population of any Latin Catholic diocese in the United States of America.  As noted in the Diocese's Mission Statement Prayer, our several thousands of Catholics are "...scattered across the vast land and waters we call home."  The majority of parishes and missions are located in cities, towns, or villages which are accessible only by air or by sea.  In most cases, there is but one parish or mission in any town; Juneau alone has two parishes, along with the National Shrine of Saint Therese.

A great advantage of serving in our small Catholic communities is the opportunity to know each parishioner or mission member by name.  Throughout southeast Alaska, the Church's priests share deeply in the lives of the people whom they serve, in a manner simply not experienced by priests serving larger, urban or suburban populations.  Some of our smallest parishes have fewer than 100 members, and several missions have less than a dozen.  As the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council's "Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World," Gaudium et spes, states in its opening words, our priests truly get to know the " and the hope, the grief and the anguish..." of the people whom they serve in the Diocese of Juneau.  Is God calling you to share in such priestly ministry, among His people here?


If you sense a call to serve God as a priest in the Diocese of Juneau, then please contact us!

Rev. Edmund J. Penisten, Director of Vocations
P.O. Box 245
Klawock AK 99925-0245
Ph: 907-755-2345